Grade Level Gains

Southern High School, Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, KY
“Since the iLit program, I read a lot more. And I was at a 5th grade level. Now I'm at a 9th grade [level].”

9th Grade Student
Southern High School, Jefferson County Public Schools

“I know iLit is working because slowly overtime I see the confidence level in my students rise. As a teacher trying to help students become better readers, your first goal is to always change their attitudes about reading, and give them the confidence they need to become better readers. iLit helps me do that.”

Kelly Dearmond, Teacher
Southern High School, Jefferson County Public Schools

Wagar Middle School, Aiport, MI
“Within a few months something amazing happened...a true "love" for reading developed. One day she entered my classroom with a stack of at least six chapter books and informed me she was borrowing them from a friend because she was hooked on the series. My draw just about dropped. I felt as if my heart were smiling. ”

Dawn Vaughn
Teacher, Wagar Middle School, Airport Community Schools

KIPP Houston Public Schools , Houston, TX
“The iLit Program is very easy to navigate for teachers as well as for students. Also, based on data from the iLit Program student reading levels have increased and they are also expanding their vocabulary.”

Sharon A. Johnson, M.Ed.
District Wide Special Education Coordinator, KIPP Houston Public Schools

Raines High School, Duval County Public Schools,Jacksonville, FL
“To walk into a classroom and see students engaged in reading, of their choice and being able to articulate what they are reading confirms that students are learning. iLit has changed the reading classroom environment. I believe students feel that there is a focus on reading and no longer see the reading class as another English course.”

Minika Jenkins
Director, High School Reading/ELA, Duval County Public Schools

iLit 45 Overall
iLit 90 Overall

ELL Reading & Vocabulary Gains

Southern School , Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, KY
Cherokee County School District
Intermediate School 136, Charles O. Dewey, Brooklyn, NY
“Students responded positively to iLit’s online reading selections and the variety of books. We found the Essential Questions that relate to the readings to be helpful in engaging classroom discussions about the literature.”

Radha Alwa
Language Arts teacher
Charles O. Dewey Intermediate School 136, NYC Public Schools

“Students appreciate receiving feedback from a source other than their teacher. The process of submitting their writing to iLit , automatically receiving a score and feedback, revising their work, and seeing their scores improve, was cited as motivating for students and fostered their independence.”

Harriet Hoffman
Coordinator/Lead Teacher/ESL Coach
Charles O. Dewey Intermediate School 136, NYC Public Schools

ELL Overall

Efficacy Results and Impact on State and District Assessments

Independent, Longitudinal Research Study across Six States
iLit students outperform control group with statistically significant gains in reading

Results measured by the GRADE™ nationally
norm-referenced assessment of reading growth.

GRADE™ Total Score
Students using the iLit program had relatively large statistically significant achievement gains from the first school year implementing the program and continued to show large statistically significant achievement gains into the second school year.

Finding 1

GRADE™ Sentence Comprehension
By the end of the second school year, the iLit students significantly outperformed their comparison counterparts on the GRADE Total Test and specifically Comprehension scales.

Finding 2

GRADE™ Passage Comprehension

In Their Own Words

How has using iLit changed reading for you?
iLit has changed me because before I started iLit I hated to read. Now I love reading. iLit is amazing because it has a lot of interesting books to read. I think iLit is very helpful and interesting to use.”

Southern California Middle School

“It makes it easier to follow what's happening because I can stay focused better, and I read a lot more than before.”

North Pitt High School, Pitt County Schools

What do you like most about iLit?
“The vocabulary activities are awesome, the pictures help me remember the meanings of words.”

PS 126, New York City Public Schools

“Being able to take notes right on the spot while reading our novel by touching ‘notes’ is a cool feature.”

PS 126, New York City Public Schools

“The iLit program does not replace how great teachers manage a classroom; it enhances good management and definitely minimizes students’ off-task behaviors.”

Randall Meisenhelder
North Pitt High School, Pitt County Schools

“The level of student engagement has increased over 50%. The iLit program contains all the valuable ingredients of a good reading program as well as giving students an interactive experience which keeps them engaged while giving them a sense of independence working with personal iPad devices.”

Lisa Rurek
PS 126, New York City Public Schools

“Many times in an ELA class when struggling readers begin independent work, they intentionally find or create distractions. The iLit program specifically targets these students because many assignments are differentiated to their level and needs. With a little encouragement and positive reinforcement from the teacher, the students maintain better focus on both independent reading and independent work.”

Randall Meisenhelder
North Pitt High School, Pitt County Schools