Assessment, Data, and Reporting

Gain Visibility into Learning. Authentic, Ongoing Assessment with Real-Time Data. Everything Educators Need to focus instruction

One assessment doesn’t fit all. iLit provides formative and summative assessment that is embedded, automatic, and organic. With iLit actionable data provides a snapshot of performance. Educators can track progress, measure growth, and get immediate insight into learning, not only the application of literacy skills, but also fluency with reading and writing.

Assessment Types

It’s not just about taking a test and moving up a grade level. Students gradually increase their capacity to read and write and use technology-enhanced items and activities that prepare them for success in college and careers.

Reading Conferencing
Classroom Conversation
Interest Inventory
Whole Class
Knowledge Checks
Performance Based
Critical Response and Summary Writing
Paragraph and Essay Scoring
Oral Fluency Scoring
Projects and Performance Tasks
Skills-based Assignments
Word Study Readers
Grammar Study Plan
Vocabulary Study Plan
Nonfiction Interactive Readers
Spelling Study Plan
Reading Checkpoints

Actionable Data and Reporting

Give teachers what they need to personalize instruction for every learner in the class.
Informative skill-based data at point‑of‑use in the app. Teachers can drill down to a single student’s score or look at whole class data.
Act on meaningful data. GRADE provides an independent measure of reading growth.
Track student progress and measure growth across critical reading and ELA skills.